Thursday, August 7, 2014

Cool As A Sea Breeze Shawl

Spring Petals Prayer Shawl

Sometimes a color just grabs you and you want to use every shade, tone or tint of that color.  Such is the color teal.  This Deborah Norville's yarn is called Glass and is such a cool and refreshing color and an easy color to wear.  

Back in the day when I was a color consultant, I used to say that aqua and coral could be worn by most everyone and if you were planning bridesmaids dresses or outfitting the personnel at the doctors office, those colors would compliment most everyone's coloring.  

By increasing the number of starting chains of the Spring Petals scarf pattern it makes a very nice size shawl.

Spring Petals is the eleventh finished shawl I have donated to the church this year, plus one more given to my friend, Sharon, to wear at her granddaughter's wedding.  Shawls are a lot of fun to make either a simple pattern like this one or something more complicated, they are sure to hold your interest.

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Yarn is cheaper than therapy

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  1. Love the color of this shawl. Is this yarn from Hobby Lobby? I just found a Hobby Lobby about an hour away. I'm working with their I Love This Yarn (acrylic) and I'm just loving it. So different from the normal Red Heart I'm use to.
    Happy Day To You - Bobbie :)


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