Friday, July 25, 2014

Time With Bee Friends

Yesterday my Bee friends and I spent a lively morning at Adrienne's lovely home sharing summer happenings, sweet treats,  and of course our latest projects.

Carolyn's Strip Pieced Quilt
Carolyn once again wowed us with one of her scrap quilts.  She has the amazing gift of color selection.  Loved the way that a simple strip quilt is morphed into a stunning design.  Sorry ladies, no pattern, this is another Carolyn original.

Showing off Adrienne's superb machine quilting

Adrienne showed off the vintage quilt that her 92 year old friend had made.  She struggled with some of the piecing but Adrienne's custom machine quilting always makes a showpiece of every quilt she does.  It was fun to look at the fabrics in this quilt as their was everything from heavy cotton hosiery to a piece that resembled a girdle.  

Carolyn brought some books and  magazines that she no longer wanted and I took home Rosemary Young's The Civil War Diary Quilt.  It is a bit more than I would tackle in a quilt but love reading the stories in the diaries written from 1861-1865.

Every quilt has a story,

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  1. What a stunning vintage quilt. Ha! I can't even stitch a straight line on the sewing machine so I'm in awe of all of you who create such stunning quilts. Does this quilt have a name to the pattern?

    I have two vintage (1920s) quilts that I purchased over the years. I think they are so lovely. I believe one is called Grandmother's Garden (it's my favorite) and it's in fine condition.
    How nice that you found a book with old dairies in it.


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