Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Easy One Skein Crochet Homespun Scarf

Because I like to make scarves for the shelter and because Homespun yarn was on sale recently at Michael's for the ridiculously low price of $3.50,  I made these fast and easy scarves that use just one skein of Homespun.

This is really a Lion Brand Yarn shawl pattern that I narrowed to make it a scarf.  The scarf can be made in a few hours which is a real bonus when you need a quick gift.

As you can see, I couldn't buy just one skein of Homespun when it was on sale, so made a few more scarves.  These will all go to the shelter.  This is the way I did it, give it a try and maybe you'll be inspired to make scarves for a shelter near you.


1 skein Lion Brand Homespun yarn
M hook, (Susan Bates metal works best for me with Homespun)
Yarn needle to weave in ends

Loosely Chain 17

Row 1
Work hdc in third stitch from hook
Work hdc in each chain to end (15 hdc)
Chain 2, turn

Row 2

Work hdc in each hdc of previous row (15 hdc)
Chain 2, turn

Repeat Row 2 using all the skein or to desired length.  Count your stitches often to make sure you haven't skipped or added an extra stitch.

Weave ends in and your finished.

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