Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hats, Hats, and More Hats

I have been on a hat making mission this past week and have cranked out eight nine new hats.  It started as a challenge to find some new hat patterns after using basically the same pattern for years, it was time for a change.

With such an array of patterns on Pinterest and websites it was easy to find just about every hat design imaginable.  One problem, I have never mastered the "in the round chain join."  Mine always come out with a noticeable join at a  slight angle.  So early on I started making my hats in the round with no join.  Works for me.

When browsing Hobby Lobby's yarn section on Monday, they had several skeins of I Love This Yarn, for $2.39 a skein.  I loaded up my cart with nine new colors and this should be enough to finish my hats for the shelter.  When I last counted I had around 60 some hats made already but I would like to have a lot more.  The weatherman predicts a cold and wet winter so lots of people will be grateful for a warm homemade hat.

Remember, yarn is cheaper than therapy, 

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  1. Hi Betty Lou,
    Just read your comment on Southern Comfort's blog. I noticed you left your blogspot address so just popped over to say Hi and tell you how much I like your blog, your hats and the beautiful shaws you make. I signed up with email so hopefully I'll catch all your posts.
    Just got to the past post where you are visiting your Quilting Friend and she's showing her quilts -- my goodness gracious! Stunning. I know you have two other blogs and I hope to visit them as well.
    What a generous and loving spirit you have to dedicate your crocheted hats to those in need. If I knew how to crochet a hat, I'd join you. Maybe I'll give it a try after the vegetable garden stops producing - right now I'm up to my elbows canning, canning and more canning. I try to sit down at night to crochet on an afghan I'm working on and I'm just too pooped to pop!
    I'll be back to visit and THANK YOU for sharing your lovely work for all to see. You inspire me.
    Happy Day To You - Bobbie :)


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