Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Williston

Vane's Choice yarn is not my first choice for Prayer Shawl as it is a heavy weight #4 yarn but when it was in the sale bin at Joanns for $1.89, I quickly forgot about that.  I use a lot of Vanna's Choice for hats but not for projects that need some drape.

When I tried to use a J or even K hook the stitch pattern was too tight and did not have that soft feel you want for a Prayer Shawl.  In a light bulb moment I remembered that last year I had purchased a 7mm hook from the Webb's catalogue.  A 7mm is a tad larger than a K 6.5mm and smaller than the L 8mm and perfect for the yarn and pattern I was using.

Over the past year I have made several of the Three Triangles Shawl but for this project I used the Williston Shawl by Cynthia Miller, very similar but with four triangles.  It turned out to be perfect for the yarn and hook size.  The Williston Shawl pattern is on the Ravelry web site, a wonderful place to find both free and paid patterns, information about yarn, and designers. If you haven't joined, take a look, I think you like both the web site and the Williston Shawl pattern.

Williston Shawl
Knitter's Pride 7mm hook - Web's Yarn Store
Vanna's Choice - 6 skeins

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