Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Shawl. A Wrap, and Another Shawl

It's time to drop off my finished Prayers Shawls for the month,  actually the sapphire blue shawl was made in September and just added the border the first of October.

This second shawl was a new pattern to me, a wheelchair wrap.  This wrap is made more like a cape to put over the shoulders and short enough not to get caught in the wheels of the chair. I added the ties to keep the shawl in place on the shoulders.  This just might be the perfect wrap for many who are confined to a wheelchair.

The third a pattern from the Prayer Shawl Ministry and have used many times and made with Homespun yarn.

Betty Lou

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  1. Hi Betty Lou,
    Once again, I have to say, your work is outstanding. I love your color choices and I'm positive these beauties will be appreciated and used.
    What a super idea to design a wrap for a person bound to a wheelchair. It's not only very pretty but functional as well.
    You are truly an inspiration to me. Your work is as lovely as your giving heart.
    I'll keep watching and enjoying. Hope to start back on my afghan soon now that the weather is cooling down and we are almost done closing up the two huge veggie gardens and preparing the flower beds for their winter rest.
    Thank you, as always, for sharing your work with us and encouraging others along the way.
    Have A Happy Day - Bobbie :)


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