Thursday, September 24, 2015

Crazy for Hats

I love hats, well I love making hats and this seems to the time of year that everyone starts to think of cooler weather and wants to pop on a new warm hat.

So while searching the Internet I found this simple pattern that would be a good to use for some of my hats that I make for the shelter. My favorite hat patterns are warm but not bulky, have some texture but don't take a lot of yarn, and easy to crochet.  This hat has all of that-----texture, warm, and easy.

This pattern was posted on shared by Darski and called the Two Thirty Two Hat.  She states that this is hat 232 on her way to making 340. Yikes, 340 hats that is quite a goal!  I could not find any other reference to Darski but you can find the pattern for this hat here.  I have to admit that I loosely followed Darski's pattern, using my favorite basic hat for the crown and her pattern for the rest.  The front post/back post stitches give such great texture.  Give it a try-------it s hat season!

Happy Crocheting


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