Thursday, May 19, 2016

I Am a Lazy Photographer!

I have been working (crocheting) a lot since the first of the year but have neglected to photograph many of my completed projects so I will attempt to bring you up to date in a few posts.

Along about the middle of January I thought "if I just made 10 hats a month, by the first of November I would have 100 hats to send to the shelter."  Easy enough, so I started making two hats a day.  When I had the ten finished, I just kept on going and by the 31st of January I had 30 completed.hats.  Since then I have brought that number up to 56.  Feels so good to have a head start on my hats, now just need to keep up with my ten a month commitment.  They are all packed in a tote and ready to go.

After the hat marathon I was ready to start on a new shawl-----enough of the hats for a while but still trying to stand by my New Year's resolution of using more of my stash.

With that in mind I made another Comfort Shawl with Lion Brand Homespun, a simple pattern using just half double crochet.  The next shaw in a dusty lavender yarn was perfect for V. Noel's V Stitch Prayer Shawl.  This is a free pattern on Ravelry and one I like a lot with just about any yarn.

Comfort Shawl Lion Brand free pattern
Homespun - Colonial Blue, 3 skeins
L hook

V Stitch Prayer Shawl, V Noel's free pattern on Ravelry
I Love This Yarn, Lavender Smoke  3 skeins
J hook

Until next time, crochet on,

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