Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sea Shell Wrap

Sea Shell Wrap

Have you ever been happily working on a project and suddenly you see a pattern and know you have to drop everything and start on the new pattern.  Hate to admit it but that happen to me all to often.

So it was with this Sea Shell Wrap pattern.  I had been looking for a shawl pattern a little lighter for summer and more lacy looking that I could use as a Prayer Shawl.  This Lion Brand Yarn pattern was perfect, plus it was a quick shawl to work up using a N hook.

This is definitely a five star pattern, difficult enough  to keep your interest but easy enough to work on while watching T.V.  You can find the pattern Here.

Now to get back to the c2c baby blanket I was working on before I got so distracted.  Isn't crocheting  a fun hobby?  Your never bored.

Remember, yarn is cheaper than therapy,

Betty Lou

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