Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Little Sparkle

A  little sparkle always brightens my day and this Hobby Lobby yarn has a gold thread wrapped around the ivory yarn.  Hopefully this Prayer Shawl will brighten someone else's day.

Crocheted using that basic stitch pattern that was on the old Jamie yarn label. The yarn has been discontinued but this is how I remember the pattern.  It has been a "go to" pattern for me for baby blankets, scarves, and shawls.  For this shawl I chain 64 and used approx. 1100 yards of knitting worsted for a shawl 20" x 60."

Baby Blanket (from the old Jamie Yarn label as I remember it.)
Chain 100
Row1 Starting in 4th ch from hook work (1dc, ch2, 1 sc) in same st. *skip 2ch (2dc, ch2,1sc) in next stitch* repeat from *to* across end (2dc, ch2, 1sc)in last ch. Chain 2 turn

Row2 work(1dc,ch2,1sc) in first ch-sp *work(2dc, ch2 1sc) in next ch-sp* repeat from *to* across Ch2 turn

Repeat row 2

When finished, I attach the yarn to the beginning chain and work the pattern across the end to give a nice finished scallop edge to match the other end.

Sometimes I vary the pattern by doing a chain three before the turn and then 2 dc, ch2, 1 sc.  This gives a scalloped edge.
Remember, yarn is cheaper than therapy.
Betty Lou


  1. Do you mind if I share this link on facebook crochet groups. I have used this pattern for many years since I found it on a Jaime Baby yarn label also. I have used it for so many things. Blankets dishcloths, scarves and anything else rectangular. Sometimes people as for suggestions on a baby blanket or a stitch, so if you don't mind, I would like to share the link to this page.

  2. This has been my go to stitch for many years. I have made it into so many things, ever since I found it on Jaime baby yarn label about 21 years ago. Do you mind if I share a link to your page when someone asks for a suggestion for a baby blanket or stitch?


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