Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Two From One

Yesterday while grocery shopping in WalMart, I wandered back to the yarn department and a skein of Red Heart With Love just fell into my cart.  I couldn't resist this jewel tone Peacock, the color is amazing.  I wasn't familiar with this yarn but with 370 yards per skein and only $3.59 each, I couldn't resist.  It is actually quite soft and nice to work with.

So last night I whipped up the Julia Cowl, a simple eleven row piece with an easy to remember repeat pattern.  You can find the pattern Here from Crafty Begonia.  This is definitely a pattern that I will use again for gifts and charity.

With half a skein  left over, this morning I decided to start another of my favorite patterns by Marie Anne St James this basic unisex scarf. You can find the pattern Here

Two scarves from one skein-----what a deal.

Remember, yarn is cheaper than therapy,

        Betty Lou

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  1. WoW -- that truly is a beautiful color! Wish our Walmart had this color. Was just there the other day (buying more canning jars) and found myself in the yarn department too. Unfortunately my trip wasn't as successful as yours.
    Beautiful Cowl. I'll have to check out the two people you refer to with the patterns.
    Bobbie :)


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