Thursday, June 5, 2014

c2c Baby Blanket

There has been a lot of buzz on some of the Facebook groups and crochet blogs that I follow about the c2c (Corner2Corner) blanket/afghan pattern.  I've been strong and managed to ignore the hype and eagerly continued with my other projects-------that is until yesterday.

Posted on one of the Facebook groups was a baby c2c blanket done in soft variegated baby colors.  After checking my stash and realized I needed to take a quick trip to Michaels'; my luck they had two skeins of Bernat Baby Softee in a soft pastel variegated yarn. Certainly not enough for a complete baby blanket but I am sure I can buy more and hopefully the dye lot will be close.

This is a great little pattern, easy, and fun to do and would be a perfect travel project.  You can find the pattern on the Internet and youtube.  

Remember, yarn is cheaper than therapy?

Betty Lou

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