Saturday, December 6, 2014

Some New Toys---I Mean Tools

I could never understand all the controversity about crochet hooks.  For years if I needed a new hook, I just bought whatever was available at that particular store, so I had a collections of Susan Bates, Boye, and even some Hero.  I did find that different brands were better for different yarns but in general I preferred the old fashion, made in the USA, Boye hooks and had a favorite J hook.

Then I saw a post of a c2c shawl and commented on how tight (maybe that's not the right description) her stitch was.  She wrote back that she used Clover Amour hooks exclusively.  Anxious to try, I ordered  H, I, and J hooks from Joann.

My new hooks arrived within a week and I anxiously tried my first project.  From the beginning I was hooked, excuse the pun.  The shaft is so smooth the yarn glides off  like magic and the slightly bulky rubberized handle is so easy to hold and comfortable. There is no cramping in your hand trying to hold onto a skinny alumunimn hook.

In addition, to make it easier for the crocheter, the hooks are color coded.  No more trying to see the stamped size on the end of the hook.  The brown is J, green is I, H is blue, and so on.  So easy, I love it   Now every time I go to Joann I will pick up a new size hook, eventually completing my set.  My only disappointment is that Clover does not make a Size K or larger hooks.

I did find the gauge is a little different size per size, so it did pose a problem. with my UFOs.  With one scarf I went down a hook size to complete and with a shawl I frogged two skeins as working with my old hooks was going to be uncomfortable.

My conclusion -----I am hooked on Clover Amour hooks and proud of it.

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